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Legacy Mortgage® is the home loan
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Business Leasing

Legacy Mortgage Group is a full-service brokerage. As a result, we have numerous financing options not just for homeowners; but also for commercial and industrial clients. Legacy Mortgage Group has multiple customizable business leasing options that might appeal to you.

Commercial Mortgages

Legacy Mortgage Group offers commercial mortgage products to commercial and industrial clients. Our commercial mortgage products are suitable for businesses seeking financing between $3 million and $100 million. In addition, we also do in-house underwriting, making financing easier to obtain.

Industrial Building Purchases

Purchasing industrial and commercial buildings can be an expensive endeavour. Legacy Mortgage Group can help finance your next purchase.

Equipment Financing

Businesses need assets and equipment to ensure their business processes operate smoothly. However, the equipment can be expensive, particularly heavy machinery or specialized tools. Legacy Mortgage Group provides equipment financing to help small and large organizations perform their core business functions.

Private Financing

Our private fund has financed many regional projects in Alberta and British Columbia. We can help finance your next project too.