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Legacy Mortgage® is the home loan
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Consumers often want to refinance their mortgage. For instance, you might want to stabilize your payments by switching from a variable mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage. Likewise, your credit score might have changed since you acquired your previous mortgage. An improved credit score will undoubtedly impact your mortgage terms and rate. Therefore, you might be considering refinancing your mortgage to reduce the interest you pay. Legacy Mortgage Group can assist you with that.
In addition, some people also want to refinance their home loans to be their own bank. Legacy Mortgage Group can assist with setting up a Home Equity Line of Credit for you so you can fund your next home improvement, a memorable family event, or use it as a tool for retirement planning.
Legacy Mortgage can accommodate your changing needs. Most mortgages often last for up to 25 years. Situations and circumstances change during those times. Legacy Mortgage Group can help you refinance your mortgage for more favorable terms.

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