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Legacy Mortgage is the home loan designed for you.


Legacy Mortgage Group provides commercial and private equity investment opportunities. You can make investments directly through our syndicated commercial mortgages or pooled investment vehicles. Reach out to us to learn more about investment opportunities.

How to Invest

Your investment returns may significantly differ based on the investment type, inherent risk, etc. Mortgages have inherent risks. Hence, we cannot guarantee principal amounts and interests. We recommend speaking with one of our appointed representatives to learn more about investment opportunities and threats.

Direct Mortgage Investments

Legacy Mortgage Group offers clients the opportunity to invest directly in syndicated mortgage funds. You’ll receive a mortgage interest in a lending deal as a direct investor, allowing you to invest in deals that match your investment criteria and preferred returns.
We’re currently providing direct investments for cash accounts. We’ll deposit interest and principal payments from a specific deal directly into your bank account once we receive them.

Mortgage Fund

You can also invest in our mortgage fund. Participant investors in our mortgage fund hold a proportionate interest in our portfolio of diversified mortgages. Investors benefit from the diversity, reducing their risk. In addition, this option eliminates the need for active management required to receive investment returns on most short-term mortgage investments.
Investors in our mortgage fund receive monthly cash dividends in their bank accounts. In addition, we also offer a dividend reinvestment plan. Investors can purchase additional shares in the fund with their monthly dividends.