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Commercial Mortgage

If your business is looking to grow and requires working capital, or you are acquiring commercial real estate, our commercial brokerage can assist you. We work closely with business owners, their accountants, and legal, to meet immediate credit needs while providing consulting services.

Legacy Mortgage

Featured Projects


Approved Deal

$5,550,000 purchase of industrial building

in Nisku at 100% of the purchase price/appraised value


Funded Deal

$939,000 Condo Purchase of Legal Practice

with an operating $500,000 unsecured line of credit


Approved Deal

$8,960,000 purchase of industrial building

in Edmonton at 75% of the purchase price/appraised value


Funded Deal

$1,600,000 Owner-occupied building

financed at 80% LTV in Nisku with equipment at 85% LTV


Approved Deal

$1,750,000 Private Mortgage Payout

for a small-town Alberta hotel to pay out an existing private mortgage


Funded Deal

$350,000 Student Line Of Credit

for a professional studying outside of Canada


Funded Deal

$5,250,000 Purchase of Industrial Building

in Edmonton at 100% of the purchase price


Approved Deal

750,000 Unmargined Line Of Credit

with standby approval for over $6 million secured by real estate


Funded Deal

$5 Million Builder's Line

to stabilize cash flow and help with growth in the roaring hosing market

Our Legacy

The Legacy Suite of Services

mortgage brokers in edmonton

Buying your
Next Home

Let us guide you through the journey of purchasing your next home for a stress-free move

edmonton mortgage brokers

Home Buyers

Walking you through the A to Z about buying your first home

lending partners in edmonton


A great way to build wealth is through real estate, and we can walk you through the ins and outs

edmonton mortgage strategy


Transitioning from your old home to your new home can be challenging. We have solutions to bridge the gap.

your Equity

Maximize the value of your home by tapping into the equity you’ve built. From debt consolidation to investment financing, let’s chat about your options.


Building a home is exciting, and comes with many considerations. We have the tools and expertise to make it a smooth process.

Business for
Self Mortgages

Business-for-self financing can be full of challenges. We have many product solutions, and can make this process easy.

Dissolution of
Relationship Financing

Whether you’re going through a separation or need to break away from a partnership, we have the solutions that will satisfy all parties.